Who doesn’t know Sam Borelli?

Borelli​ is a consultant with experience in the entertainment, nonprofit, hos-pitality and healthcare industries. He describes himself on his website as “the quintessential behind the scenes guy.” Borelli is known for his past work with a variety of LGBT organizations in-cluding The Trevor Project and Chris-topher Street West, where he dramat-ically increased sponsorship revenue for its annual L.A. Pride parade.

He was appointed to the West Holly-wood Public Safety Commission in 2003 and served until 2013. In July 2015, he was appointed to the West Hollywood Human Services Commis-sion. Among the other places he has lived is Boston, where he attended Bos-ton College.


What do I love about West Hollywood?

Community. Sure, I can go on about walkability, variety in restaurants, shops and entertainment, but one of the things that I love most about West Hollywood is the sense of community. I’ve had the privilege of serving first as a member of the Public Safety Com-mission, and now as Human Services Commissioner, and I can say, unequiv-ocally, this community rallies together and supports each other in especially the most vulnerable moments.

Sure there are times when folks can be at odds over a policy, a new development, or their basic vision of the city.  However, in some of the most significant moments, this city comes together.

A few examples:

In 2002, when Trev Broudy was viciously beaten and forever changed, the greater West Hollywood community came together to bring more attention to hate crimes and how to protect ourselves from future incidents.

West Hollywood was among the first cities to pro-duce an annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, and each year more and more come out to honor those lost to anti-trans violence.

I have witnessed numerous occasions where a spouse/partner passed away and the city has rallied around the surviving partner to help weather the storm. This happened/happens during the worst of the AIDS crisis, in the aging Russian community, as well as with people that just go about their daily lives and don’t actively participate in city gover-nance or functions.

Which brings me to our outstanding social services. I constantly say that social services are the heart and soul of West Hollywood. We are often labeled well-to-do community, and in many ways we are. However, we also have thousands, from all walks of life, who live below the federal poverty line. And many live paycheck to paycheck. Some West Holly-wood residents live with hunger and/or food inse-curity or other challenges but are often reluctant to take advantage of the programs in which the city provides for free.

We have an amazing array of social services that can be accessed by those who live or work in West Hollywood. From childcare to senior support, from addiction to HIV/AIDS related services, legal to men-tal health care, domestic violence to financial help, nutrition to housing assistance, West Hollywood is there to support those who may need short term and/or continuous support.

To me, this is community and one of the main reasons that I love West Hollywood.

2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t know Sam Borelli?”

  1. I live in a building for Seniors and disabled and a couple of years ago we got Flooded, and, Sam is right on this, the city pulled together and got the seniors and disabled out of the building and into shelter. A lot of us ended up refugees in Burbank for housing while our building was being repaired, and sure enough, the Social Services of the City followed us, helping with mail, transportation (many still had all their appointments and banking and personal errands to run in the city). Notably, I had a specific LGBT issue that I needed help with and a friend recommended that I call Sam, well, the next day a social worker from the LGBT Center was in Burbank to help me! I have been friends with Sam on Facebook ever since.

  2. Sam I’m sure has helped us all a bit throughout our careers in and around West Hollywood. Sam helped me to find and trust my passion in my industry thru life coaching. I had been beaten down by a mentor and Sam gave me the tools to break thru the shit. Finding myself again was the best thing someone has done for me. Thank you Samorelli for being my rock when I really needed YOU…
    Love and Light, Patricia Lynn Laas

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