Joie De Vivre Fabulousness – Nadia Sutton

Oh yes it was at the French Market in 1988, over their lousy coffee, that my friend Stan Owns and I decided to create PAWS LA to help our friends living with AIDS/HIV keep their beloved pets by providing pet food, veterinary services, dog walking and so on, And by the way by that time I had moved to WEST Hollywood!

Through the years we continue to stand for equal rights for the LGBT Community, for women’s rights, for animal rights and for all human rights. Our leaders and all of us stand up, not only for our own rights in WeHo, bur for our rights across the country, across the world. We are a small city with a big heart.

We love and celebrate our diversity. Our LGBT residents and Russian residents live side by side and have learned to appreciate one other. Through the years we have gathered at our famous intersection of San Vicente and Santa Monica boulevards to demand these rights, to demand marriage equality and then to celebrate our victory with great jubilation. We have celebrated and honored our transgender community and celebrated our Russian community with festivals. In my WeHo my LGBT community has always been able to walk through our streets holding hands and kissing and feel safe and not judged Yes, we often deal with meaningful issues but we do not take ourselves seriously. Whatever we do we do it with panaché and a sense of whimsy. And boy do we love to play. For any reason – be it gay Pride, a Russian festival, Halloween or just going out for brunch (nobody does brunch better than we do). Flirting with each other as we shop on a Saturday at Pavilions or Trader Joes or walkinh our dogs (yes even our doggies strut with attitude). We manage to show our joie de vivre and fabulousness.

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  1. Nadia is possessed of every positive superlative in any language. Her heart is large and open, her smile is warm and real and her beautiful hands are always busy making life a better experience for anyone fortunate enough to intersect her orbit. Nadia is beloved.

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