How many copies of the magazine are distributed each quarter?

7000 – 8000 copies of WHM is distributed each quarter to over 140 locations and most major hotels in West Hollywood.

Where can I pick up a copy of your magazine?

WHM is distributed throughout West Hollywood. In racks and local businesses. If you are an advertiser and would like a copy sent to you, please request a copy in the contact section of this website.

I tried advertising before and it didn’t work. How do I know this will?

Advertising isn’t just about putting your message in front of an audience. It’s about crafting the perfect message to reach that audience, identifying your target market to narrow in on the right people, and tracking your performance over time to see what works and what doesn’t. At WHM we work with you to craft the right message and test your ad over time. In fact, we encourage you to purchase more than one issue of advertising, since that gives us more time to work with you and find out what type of ad gets the best results from our audience.


Moreover, we focus exclusively on the West Hollywood area, which means you’ll be reaching people who are most likely to visit your business. With other local publications like LA Weekly, LA Times or Frontiers Magazine, your ad is thrown into wide circulations that reach across Los Angeles to Long Beach and even to San Diego.

With WHM you can reach a targeted audience of young, educated and affluent individuals right here in West Hollywood, and we’ll work with you to ensure your advertising is as effective as possible.

Where do your readers live?

The vast majority of readers are concentrated in West Hollywood and surrounding areas, from Beverly Hills to Hollywood to the WeHo Design District on Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard. About 83 percent of our readers live in West Hollywood and neighboring communities (‘Los Angeles’ in Google Analytics) according to web metrics. A small number of our regular readers are tourist from outside the area — they are likely readers engaged /’with our gay content, which spans across the country or looking for more information about West Hollywood.v

What are the demographics of your readers?

Our readers skew to men between 25 and 44. Research shows that 44 percent of our visitors have income between $50,000 and $150,000 and another 13 percent have income above $150,000 (far above the U.S. average of 8 percent). Seventy-seven percent of our visitors do not have children (enabling more purchasing power) and 76 percent have a college degree or higher.

These figures show that when you advertise with WHM hyou know you’re reaching thousands of young, well-educated, affluent potential customers every month.

Which size ad is right for my business?

Here is a run down on the sizes of our ads.

Quarter Page Ad – For businesses that have limited budgets
1/3 Page Ad
1/2 Page Ad

Full Page Ad – Gets most attention

Back Cover – Best Coverage

Inside Back Cover – Premium Coverage

Inside Front Cover – Premium Coverage

How does WHM’s Social Media Accounts help my business?

WHM’s social media presence helps your business calling attention that your business is an advertising partner with WHM. Once an ad is placed in an issue and published we put that same ad out once in the same quarter that the ad was placed. Reaching 1000’s of followers.

What else do you offer besides an ad in WHM?

Our job is to help you decide the best way to reach the audience for your product or service so that your West Hollywood business will grow and thrive. Here are other ways we can promote your business:

Event Sponsorships: We offer sponsorships for custom contests and events. We’ll work with your business to create an event that will bring more people to your doors, or partner with you on one of our own events. We also work with businesses to sponsor online contests, such as our popular WeHo’s Cutest Dog Contest, to provide more exposure for them. Contact us for guidelines, rates and info.

Social media marketing: We have 5,000 Facebook followers and 2,000 Twitter followers. We can work to connect you with our audience via social media, or our social media savvy team can help you build your own audience.

Native ads/sponsored content: WHM offers sponsored content–including editorial pieces either you or we create–as a way for some marketing partners to reach our audience. Contact us for guidelines, rates and info.

We also publish the highly successful and popular and

These websites reach 100,000’s every month. Running in ad in both WHM and our sites guarantee that most everyone in the WeHo area will see your ad and business.

Are there any discounts available for advertising in WHM?

We offer many ways to save money when you advertise in WHM including a frequency discount.

We also offer discounted packages if you take advantage of advertising on more than one platform.

Who prepares my ad?

In most cases you create your own ad to the specifications that we will provide to you. However, we do have awesome graphic artists that can assist you or create your ad from scratch for an additional fee.