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Our Audience is Targeted

Enthusiasts are always the most dedicated customers and the best to market to. Most people are incredibly proud and passionate about where they live, especially in West Hollywood. Since most humans have an incredible need to be part of a community, WHM serves as an important hub where WeHoans learn about their surroundings and events they might like to get involved in. In other words, as a local business, you will get your ad in front of a passionate crowd that is already interested in who you are and what you have to offer. It also doesn’t hurt that we get over 100,000 tourists in WeHo and we are the only magazine that is in most major hotels in WeHo.

A Longer Shelf Life

While digital ads come and go, print ads have staying power. A WHM left in a doctor’s office will be read by countless patients for many months, and your ad can be seen by a majority of them. Also, since WHM is quarterly, we make sure that our racks and distribution locations stay nice and stocked for those three months.

Nothing Beats Touching

Sure, many customers spend a ton of time online chronicling the latest minutiae of their daily lives on their Twitter accounts or uploading their newest selfie onto their Instagram accounts, but when it comes to engaging with websites, most readers only scan a website for 15 seconds before moving on.


Our readers interact much differently with West Hollywood Magazine. There’s just something about that tactile experience. WHM readers really take their time and linger when reading print. They also tend to fully interact with the content, including the ads inside.

Brand Recognition

When you advertise in West Hollywood Magazine, people instantly become familiar with your company. This recognition is then reinforced when they meet you in person, either at your place of business or at a networking or charity event. This not only builds brand recognition but, in time, brand loyalty and sales.

Your Ad Stands Out

Who stands to sell more tacos and make more money: the taco truck parked downtown amidst a sea of food trucks, or the taco truck that is parked five miles outside of town on the side of the highway surrounded by nothing but hungry travelers? So many advertisers have fallen for the myth that print is dead. Many have migrated their marketing budgets online where they vie for consumer attention is a sea of other digital ads. This is great news because it means your local West Hollywood Magazine ad has far less competition and will stand out from the crowd. If you need help designing that killer ad, we can help with that too.


West Hollywood Magazine is a highly valued and respected publication that builds a sense of community among WeHo’s businesses and residences. In fact, many people turn to WHM as a source of advice. You as a business owner can greatly benefit from this credibility when your ad is viewed not as ads but as a recommendation from a trusted source.

Print is not dead, but rather a sales-channel that offers true engagement with a targeted audience, and invest some of your marketing dollars into West Hollywood Magazine.

Want help with more than advertising?

WHM offers a full range of promotional services for local businesses. Through our mother company , West Hollywood Media company we can help with many needs. Need a new website? We are happy to offer advice on design and content, and steer you to a world class site builder. Thinking of hiring a publicist? We are happy to tap our years of experience in public relations and marketing to advise you on how to find the best publicist possible in a city full of them. Looking to grow your social media audience? We know the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other digital media. Want to publish something in print? We’ve done that and we know how. Interested in staging an event? We can help there too. Ultimately, our job is to help you decide the best way to reach the audience for your product or service so that your West Hollywood business will grow and thrive. You can advertise with West Hollywood’s #1 magazine or tap into our marketing expertise for help with any and all promotions.


Please click here to view and download our Media Kit. If you have any additional questions please contact our Marking & Advertising Director:

Douglas Stichler - douglas@wehomediaco.com