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Published quarterly, West Hollywood Magazine is focused on the reasons the city is one of Southern California’s most desirable places to live and to play.

Our goal is to inform you, and perhaps surprise you, with coverage of art, design, nightlife, real estate, style, and above all, people — all with a distinctly West Hollywood twist.

Meet the Team

Meet the people that make this magazine come to life.

Henry "Hank" Scott

CEO & Editor

Henry Scott has 44 years of experience in media, communications and marketing, helping clients create and deliver demographically and geographically targeted products and services.

Scott is president of WHMC Inc., a company that operates, the leading hyperlocal digital news site
covering West Hollywood. WHMC also publishes West Hollywood Magazine, a quarterly print publication intended to brand the city as a center for art, architecture, design, fashion and style.

Scott also is the author of several books including “Shocking True Story: The Rise and Fall of Confidential, America’s Scandalous Scandal Magazine,” published by Pantheon, and “London Comfort: From Hollywood to the White House, An American Idol’s Dangerous Real World Adventure.”

Douglas Stichler

Sales & Marketing Director

Douglas Stichler is a California native that began finding his way into West Hollywood at the ripe old age of 16. After graduation, he promptly became an entrepreneur, opening one of the very first tanning salons in SoCal and continued his foray in the business community by opening a John Robert Powers Studio before heading to New York.

Douglas is the consummate Salesman. In fact, he has been successfully selling and studying sales most of his adult life. He is known for his savvy negotiation and cutting-edge marketing strategies which join his uncompromising integrity as the hallmark of his service to any of his clients.

Allana Lee Johnson

Creative Director

As Creative Director at WHM, I don’t believe in good ideas…I believe in great ideas! Ideas that are fostered by a collaborative culture. I believe less is more, except when it comes to the amount of passion and craft that is poured into an idea.

I shutter at the “good enough” syndrome — call me old school…NO, call me new school because people do expect more. I’m an obsessively-driven and a diversely-experienced Creative guided by a belief that the best of the best is spurred by a passion for precision and supported by sound strategy. I’m also an Art Director, Designer, Storyteller, Doer, Leader and Mentor.

Those who know me well, deem me as a high priestess of 2A (Adobe + Apple), a confessed Food Network junkie, Grade A food snob, and an avid runner and cyclist. Lastly but certainly not least, a dedicated wife, sister and daughter.

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